You didn’t find a suitable answer in the FAQ? Before you open a support ticket, please close all errors on your page. Here are the most common causes of errors:

  • A different extension, or the theme you are using, leads to a JavaScript error that causes the extension to stop working properly. Please check the developer console of your browser to avoid JavaScript errors.
  • Please check whether you have set the permissions correctly on all necessary directories: packages/ , application/files, application/config and application/languages. It is also important that the set rights are recursively inherited. You should set the required rights like "chmod -R 777"...
  • If you had trouble installing the extension, change the PHP settings "max_execution_time" and start the installation again. Otherwise, run a CLI installation.
  • In the case of visual errors, use the DOM inspector of your browser to check whether the display errors are not caused by your theme and / or other extensions.
  • If you have purchased a license package, such as the UI Bundle or the Bitter Shop System combined with the Bitter Theme etc. pay attention to the correct installation order. Otherwise, uninstall everything and install the packages in the correct order again.
  • Clear the Caches in concrete5.
  • Clear the Caches in your browsers.

If you are still experiencing problems after these steps, you can create a support ticket.