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Former User created an ticket at 22/12/2020, 03:57


if I use this addon, and a Youtube channel adds (or removes) new videos, would it be updated on my website too?

Could video description also be displayed?

If you stop updating the addon, would I have any good way to export the list of channels?

Is it also possible to add Youtube playlists?

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admin created an comment at 22/12/2020, 07:48


all my addons are supported and regulary updated.

The Video list will be automatically updated by the channel.

Description could be displayed too by developing a custom template. 

An export Feature is not available.

1MB created an comment at 01/01/2021, 19:29

I am looking for solution that would add videos from hundreds of channels and add search functionality to
be able to find relevant videos-would user be able to get search results listed not only for all videos from one channel but
for relavant videos from many channels?
Would the added content stay on website if I would years later uninstall this addon?
I am new to CMS and Concrete5, that's why I am asking.
Is it possible to get a trial for this product (at least few hours to see how it works)?
Do you maybe have some video(s) to see the functionality?
Thank you


admin created an comment at 05/01/2021, 17:00

This add-on has no search functionallity. But you can take use of the concrete5 page search functionallity. This will search for your all integrated videos on your site (video title). There are no other options/filter etc.

When you uninstall this add-on all the videos added to your site are removed because the block type no longer exists.

You can visit to see a sample integration.

1MB created an comment at 05/01/2021, 17:18

There is no video for this plugin. If you are going to do a video, please show how integrated Concrete5 search shows the results through many Youtube channels.

Were you thinking of update, that would make integrated search show results from descriptions or Youtube tags too?

Titles usually dont say much.





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