Simple YouTube List

Simple YouTube List

Add-on for Concrete CMS (concrete5)

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YouTube is one of the most popular channels and is one of the largest search engines in the world. You, too, can boost your company with a successful channel and win the hearts of your target group with the right content. The possibilities are almost endless: Show how-to videos and use cases of your products. Give a behind-the-scenes look. If you know someone who can film and edit videos, create thematically appropriate ones. Or go for the premium solution: recruit influencers to showcase your products. You can also publish these videos on your channel.

And how do you properly draw attention to your videos and expand their impact? You simply post them all on your website, doubling the chances of people seeing them. When visitors watch videos on your site, their browsing time increases, which can have a positive impact on your Google ranking.

This works easily with the Simple YouTube List add-on for Concrete CMS (concrete5). This is a block type which displays all videos of a YouTube channel on the page.

First generate an API key for the Youtube Data API V3 to use the add-on. Add the add-on, enter the API key and the channel id and off you go.