Simple Newsletter

Simple Newsletter

Add-on for Concrete CMS (concrete5)

41,65 €
incl. 19.00% USt

The Simple Newsletter add-on is a powerful standalone newsletter solution for Concrete CMS that is fully compliant with the GDPR. If you've ever dealt with the GDPR, this will give you peace of mind, because companies that violate this law, even if unintentionally, will face hefty fines. Always be careful when including tools or even links to other sites, because that can cause problems. With Simple Newsletter you are playing it safe, at least as far as newsletters are concerned. And you should by no means refrain from using a newsletter as you always want to keep your customers engaged!

Other important features are:

Simple Newsletter includes dashboard pages to manage mailing lists, campaigns, subscribers and settings. Of course, you get a form block type to subscribe and unsubscribe for the front-end integration. You can add captcha validation and checkboxes to let users agree to the privacy policy and/or terms of service. Single and double opt-in are supported. Extend the subscription form with custom attributes (The Concrete CMS attribute system is used so you can also use custom attribute types). For sending the emails, the Concrete CMS mail system is used, which is powerful and extendable.

Concrete CMS supports SMTP and the standard PHP mailer by default, which is sufficient for most use cases. You can create multiple mailing lists and users can also subscribe to multiple mailing lists using the Subscription Form block type. You can personalize your newsletters with placeholders, utilizing any custom attributes you added on the subscriber page as placeholders. The generated email layout includes an opt-out link and legal notices for compliance with the GDPR. Of course, you can edit these settings on the settings page.

When you want to send a campaign, the campaign is added to a send queue. With the included queue job, you can send all queued campaigns from the automated jobs page manually or via cronjob. Best of all, this is a standalone newsletter solution and a one-time purchase. So no monthly or annual fees! And once again, it's fully GDPR compliant.