File System Manager

File System Manager

Add-on for Concrete CMS (concrete5)

41,65 €
incl. 19.00% USt

Does this sound familiar? You have forgotten the FTP access and the admin is not available? You just want to revise a configuration file on the live server or just upload some files? You search for the password, start the FTP client, download the file and upload it again. These time-consuming steps are now a thing of the past thanks to the System File Manager Extension for Concrete CMS.

With this extension, you can access your entire document info set. You can manage the entire file system of your hosting environment within the dashboard.

The following file operations are possible:

  • Navigate directories
  • Upload data
  • Delete files/directories
  • Move files/directories
  • Copy files/directories
  • Download files
  • Edit files
  • Create directories

Another highlight is the seamless integration. The backend has the look and feel of Concrete CMS.