E-Mail Signature

E-Mail Signature

Add-on for Concrete CMS (concrete5)

41,65 €
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Email marketing is an important part of a successful marketing strategy. Without direct contact with the customer, it becomes much more difficult to build a fruitful and lasting relationship.

In addition to all the other challenges that email marketing brings, the legal circumstances are not to be overlooked. For example, you need specific email signatures for each country to which you send business messages. This is important not only in terms of information requirements, but also for the sake of language considerations.

Email Signature simplifies this for you, since you only need to create the signature for each country once, and then it will be inserted correctly automatically. This add-on is perfect for multilingual websites!

So whether you are sending a normal message, the customer is getting an order confirmation, or you want to perform said email marketing, with Email Signature you can do it all easily and in compliance with the law, without much extra effort. A tool that will save you valuable time!