Would you like to set up a new website or online shop from scratch? In this case, we recommend using our packages. Our packages contain a combination of several add-ons at a discounted price. We also offer an optional installation service. Our software packages are both based on the concreteCMS system and have been manufactured to meet the highest demands.

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Professional Online-Shop From 499,00€ incl. 19% MwSt.
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Professional Website From 149,00€ incl. 19% MwSt.

What customers say

this module is very flexible and professional. Not to mention the quick support when I needed it. I have bought other add ons from this amazing guy! Highly ...

Ziniatis 18/10/2018, 20:20

Well done. Perfect for seo.

Zuna 23/09/2018, 12:22

I was looking to add structured data to my website and came across this add-on. It looks like it has tons of possibilities but it required some time (for Go ...

ZillionProductions 16/08/2019, 09:08

Works very well

Zuna 21/09/2018, 12:59

You already have a concete5 projet and just want to extend it by some new features? Here is a list of all our official add-ons for concrete5. All add-ons have been checked and approved by the PRB Review Board. The Bitter Shop System was additionally certified by the companies Sofort GmbH and Mollie B.V. and then accepted into the Integration Center.

Save space on your website with this concrete5 extension by creating an add accordion element that shrinks your content size. It is fully customizable & comes in a package with three amazing pre-installed pre-set styles.

Adblock Detector for concrete5.

Integrate your own extensions from the concrete5 marketplace into your website with this powerful add-on. The Add-on list with its simple design and easy handling offers you a broad range of functions which you will profit from!

Easily create app icons in all common sizes and include them into your site’s header with this user-friendly add-on which does all the work for you after you install it!

Powerful and extensible Shop System for concrete5.

Fully customizable bootstrap based Theme for concrete5.

This fully responsive, easy to handle, number counter animation block element for concrete5 starts counting once its section is visible.

Database management integrated in concrete5 dashboard.

Allows to add signatures to outgoing emails sent by concrete5 mail service.

Create Doctrine-Entities easily in your concrete5 Dashboard. The code for entity, controller, detail view and list view is generated automatically.

Must-have add-on to comply with GDPR cookie guidelines. You just need to install it – that’s it! This add-on is compatible with concrete5 version 5.7 and 8+.

Manage your entire file system within your concrete5 website. You can navigate, copy, move, edit directories and files and much more.

Protect your site from fraudulent registrations.

Block Element for displaying a glossary.

Beautify or minifies your HTML Code automatically with this add-on like magic! Your HTML code will get cleaned up.

Block Element for displaying images in a carousel.

Easily generate an imprint for your website.

Protect your site against common known cyber-attacks like SQL Injections, XSS attacks and over 70 more with the Intrusion Detection System add-on for concrete5 by only installing it!

Obfuscates inline javascript code of your concrete5 project.

Add a new attribute type for uploading multiple files with html file upload field.

Create interactive 360° x 180 ° equirectangular images / virtual tours by simply adding this block element to your site.

Easily design PDF docs in your dashboard and integrate them into your custom applications. The best thing about it? It’s possible by just a single code line!

Easily display your file sets from the file manager in a grid!

Visualizes data and displays a percentage value in a progress bar with this add-on that is an UI block element for concrete5.

Send push notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging Service (FCM) to users desktop.

Add offline support + manifest to your concrete5 site.

Easily create, add, edit, or delete .htaccess redirection rules within concrete5. Old site structures with an existing google sitemap can be imported.

Put your images in the limelight by defining mobile views for your photos. Positive side effect: faster loading times.

Feature-rich self-hosted live chat solution that fully complies with GDPR and doesn't require any 3rd party services.

Powerful standalone newsletter solution that fully complies with GDPR.

Feature-rich self-hosted support system that fully complies with GDPR and doesn't require any 3rd party services.

Contains a block type to display all videos from a YouTube-channel.

Promote Apps from App Store, Play Store and Windows store on your website.

Extend the social services on your site by any other social service. You can add an SVG icon for each defined service.

Add Google Structured Data to your website and improve your SEO.

This extension allows you to rename all URLs. Thus, e.g. single pages can be renamed into any other language without violating programming guidelines. A must-have extension for any non-English sites.

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