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Passed Certification for 5.6.1 Advanced Block DevelopmentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Advanced PermissionsPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Advanced Theme DevelopmentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Basic Application DevelopmentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Basic Block DevelopmentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Basic PermissionsPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Basic WorkflowPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Centralizing ContentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Creating PackagesPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Custom AttributesPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Custom TemplatesPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Dashboard AdministrationPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Developer ConceptsPassed Certification for 5.6.1 File ManagerPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Making and Moving ContentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Managing Users & GroupsPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Theme DevelopmentPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Troubleshooting StrategiesPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Upgrading and Moving SitesPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Using ComposerPassed Certification for 5.6.1 Working with the DatabaseVersion 7 Certification - Level I - Editor

Τι είναι το concrete5?

Μια σύντομη εξήγηση

To concrete5 είναι ένα σύστημα διαχείρισης περιεχομένου (CMS). Είναι λοιπόν ένα σύστημα διαχείρισης περιεχομένου που επιτρέπει την επεξεργασία ιστοσελίδων στο διαδίκτυο. Το ιδιαίτερο στοιχείο για το concrete5 είναι η απλότητα του συστήματος. Δεν χρειάζεται είσαι προγραμματιστής για να επεξεργαστείς μια ιστοσελίδα. Με την ενσωματωμένη επεξεργασία, είναι δυνατή η επεξεργασία περιεχομένου απευθείας στη σελίδα όπως με ένα αρθρωτό σύστημα. Το περιεχόμενο μπορεί να μετακινηθεί, μπορεί να προστεθεί νέο περιεχόμενο και όλα αυτά με εύκολο και παιχνιδιάρικο τρόπο, έτσι ώστε ακόμα και η γιαγιά σας να μπορεί πιθανότατα να συντηρήσει την ιστοδελίδα μετά από μια σύντομη εκπαίδευση. Ακριβώς λόγω αυτής της απλότητας, το concrete5 έχει λάβει αρκετά βραβεία και διακρίσεις σχεδίασης στο παρελθόν. Αλλά δεν είναι μόνο αυτά. Επίσης, όσον αφορά τη δυνατότητα κλιμάκωσης και την ασφάλεια, το concrete5 είναι ένα πραγματικό θαύμα. Το σύστημα βασίζεται σε ασφαλή και καθιερωμένα πλαίσια και τεχνολογίες. Πιθανώς αυτή η εύρωστη κατασκευή είναι επίσης ο λόγος για τον οποίο ακόμα και ιδρύματα όπως ο αμερικανικός στρατός ή η ελβετική κυβέρνηση βασίζονται στο concrete5. Στο παρελθόν έχω υλοποιήσει έργα με το concrete5 που λειτουργούν με εκατομμύρια σύνολα δεδομένων σε πραγματικό χρόνο. Όπως βλέπετε, δεν υπάρχουν όρια. Δεν έχει σημασία αν θέλετε μια μικρή απλή σελίδα ή ένα μεγάλο έργο όπως μια πύλη κρατήσεων. Το concrete5 είναι σίγουρα η σωστή επιλογή!

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Τα πρόσθετά μου

Save space on your website with this concrete5 extension by creating an add accordion element that shrinks your content size. It is fully customizable & comes in a package with three amazing pre-installed pre-set styles.

Adblock Detector for concrete5.

Integrate your own extensions from the concrete5 marketplace into your website with this powerful add-on. The Add-on list with its simple design and easy handling offers you a broad range of functions which you will profit from!

Easily create app icons in all common sizes and include them into your site’s header with this user-friendly add-on which does all the work for you after you install it!

Powerful and extensible Shop System for concrete5.

Fully customizable bootstrap based Theme for concrete5.

This fully responsive, easy to handle, number counter animation block element for concrete5 starts counting once its section is visible.

Database management integrated in concrete5 dashboard.

Allows to add signatures to outgoing emails sent by concrete5 mail service.

Must-have add-on to comply with GDPR cookie guidelines. You just need to install it – that’s it! This add-on is compatible with concrete5 version 5.7 and 8+.

Manage your entire file system within your concrete5 website. You can navigate, copy, move, edit directories and files and much more.

Protect your site from fraudulent registrations.

Block Element for displaying a glossary.

Beautify or minifies your HTML Code automatically with this add-on like magic! Your HTML code will get cleaned up.

Block Element for displaying images in a carousel.

Easily generate an imprint for your website.

Protect your site against common known cyber-attacks like SQL Injections, XSS attacks and over 70 more with the Intrusion Detection System add-on for concrete5 by only installing it!

Obfuscates inline javascript code of your concrete5 project.

Add a new attribute type for uploading multiple files with html file upload field.

Create interactive 360° x 180 ° equirectangular images / virtual tours by simply adding this block element to your site.

Easily design PDF docs in your dashboard and integrate them into your custom applications. The best thing about it? It’s possible by just a single code line!

Easily display your file sets from the file manager in a grid!

Visualizes data and displays a percentage value in a progress bar with this add-on that is an UI block element for concrete5.

Send push notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging Service (FCM) to users desktop.

Add offline support support + manifest to your concrete5 site.

Easily create, add, edit, or delete .htaccess redirection rules within concrete5. Old site structures with an existing google sitemap can be imported.

Put your images in the limelight by defining mobile views for your photos. Positive side effect: faster loading times.

Promote Apps from App Store, Play Store and Windows store on your website.

Extend the social services on your site by any other social service. You can add an SVG icon for each defined service.

Add Google Structured Data to your website and improve your SEO.

This extension allows you to rename all URLs. Thus, e.g. single pages can be renamed into any other language without violating programming guidelines. A must-have extension for any non-English sites.

Τι λένε οι πελάτες

this module is very flexible and professional. Not to mention the quick support when I needed it. I have bought other add ons from this amazing guy! Highly ...

Ziniatis 18/10/18, 8:20 μ.μ.

Well done. Perfect for seo.

Zuna 23/9/18, 12:22 μ.μ.

I was looking to add structured data to my website and came across this add-on. It looks like it has tons of possibilities but it required some time (for Go ...

ZillionProductions 16/8/19, 9:08 π.μ.

Works very well

Zuna 21/9/18, 12:59 μ.μ.

This addon offers an excellent shopping cart. Using c5's Express makes easy to understand how this addon works. Support is a quick response. This addon is o ...

FumitoMIZUNO 23/5/18, 6:00 π.μ.

Thank you so much for this system! It works very well and the support is excellent. He answers within seconds and the shop includes everything you need. It ...

Eldios 21/9/18, 11:35 π.μ.

Works very well

ARTundDESIGN 24/1/19, 1:12 μ.μ.

Easy to use, nice work

ARTundDESIGN 24/1/19, 1:15 μ.μ.

As its name indicates, this block is superb for displaying multi featured portfolios, works flawlessly with version 8.0 RC4. It is a great value for the pri ...

Byvictoria 25/5/18, 9:14 μ.μ.

Works very well, great support

ARTundDESIGN 24/1/19, 1:16 μ.μ.

Certainly the easiest and most versatile accordion add-on out there.

Jneundorf 31/12/18, 8:26 μ.μ.

Works as intended, and I got very quick support from the creator. Highly recommended. Watch out for special sales bundles!

Ahassfeld 24/2/18, 3:29 μ.μ.

This is a simple but very effective add-on if you are looking for automatically generated high quality icons in all common sizes to be included in your site ...

ZillionProductions 29/8/19, 7:21 π.μ.

Easy to use, good job

ARTundDESIGN 24/1/19, 1:14 μ.μ.

Produces nice, easy to read html code with indentations and no blank lines. Sweet!

Ahassfeld 24/2/18, 3:34 μ.μ.

good job.

Olexoliver 26/10/18, 9:41 π.μ.

Works great with almost every page in my site and for the one it didn't, there is a nice on/off switch for a specific page. Support was responsive and very ...

Plschneide 7/1/19, 3:42 μ.μ.

didn't get this plugin to work on our older php version. Solution( an update will be supplied soon). Just for the support and help received i give this pro ...

InfoConntech 22/1/18, 4:10 μ.μ.

I really like the addon - no complaints at all :-D Good work!

Solanum 23/2/18, 4:45 μ.μ.

Great work!

Impressionnl 9/5/18, 9:28 π.μ.

It is very simple in use and it has the right options for the GDPR in EU. Support is very quick. Thank you very much.

Recomdesign 14/5/18, 7:11 μ.μ.

This add-on is great for holding back analytic cookies until an explicit opt-in has been accepted by the client. Admittedly this is a grey area in these ear ...

Baysmedia 18/5/18, 1:17 μ.μ.

all parameters you need for EU DSGVO!

Drfuchsleri 18/5/18, 7:54 π.μ.

Passt genau auf die EU Vorgabe der DSGVO. Schnell installiert, alle Parameter auf einen Blick, SUPER

Drfuchsleri 17/5/18, 6:29 μ.μ.

Works as promised - a must have!

Fvideo 17/5/18, 12:37 μ.μ.

Thank you for a great and working solution! It's easy to install, works immediatelly and is easy to adjust

PaiviK 17/5/18, 8:08 π.μ.

What more could you want?

Nsturis 17/5/18, 7:15 π.μ.

Add-on works as expected and most importantly offers true opt-in functionality and not only a notice. Customization options are useful, too. Multi-language ...

Patej 24/5/18, 5:27 μ.μ.

Great add on, pity the price nearly tripled the day before GDPR. But other than that, does what it says!

Designeclectic 24/5/18, 1:23 μ.μ.

Super cool add-on, it's very easy to use - Thanx :)

Sohoshops 31/5/18, 5:51 μ.μ.

I purchased and installed several months back now and have found it to be a good addition to the site - especially in these days of added security and GDPR ...

Fanflame 31/5/18, 6:53 π.μ.

Just what I was looking for. It would be good to see a transparency option for the button-pop up. Apart from that , love it ! Thanks

Melange 7/6/18, 3:45 π.μ.

Within 1 hour a problem with the plugin was solved = premium support

Frontiers 20/7/18, 3:22 μ.μ.

Easy installation and very simple to use. Very fast support response and bug fixing. Thank you!

Stcs 23/10/18, 7:55 π.μ.

Plugin does what it should, its possible to customise the design, and the support is quick and helpful. One star less, because I think it could be a few buc ...

Duga 2/11/18, 8:48 π.μ.

and fast to set up. Thanks

Olexoliver 26/10/18, 9:42 π.μ.

Very helfpul plugin. Very fast setup and good customisation for colors and texts.

Webpresso 19/3/19, 4:37 μ.μ.

Installed on version 5.7. Very easy to install and customize. Works well.

Rematinvest 12/3/19, 7:25 π.μ.

great job

ARTundDESIGN 24/1/19, 1:17 μ.μ.

This is a great tool for developers. It is flexible and the implementation of own modules (boxes) is very easy (if you understand the MVC pattern). We sugge ...

Simpit 8/2/18, 8:34 μ.μ.

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