As a 30-year-old German web developer with more than 15 years of work experience in development I am a specialist in this field. I dedicated 12 years of my work life to web development and am very well versed in a wide range of CMS systems. And not only that I tried various systems I even developed customs myself - BUT it was not enough for me because I haven’t been ultimately satisfied with them. 

When I got to know concrete5 I decided to only focus on it because of what the program has to offer. I have specialized in website development and web applications for this CMS. 99% of my customer projects are created with concrete5 and my customers love the simple use and freedom that concrete5 offers!

When I am not working on customer projects I develop custom add-ons and themes for the concrete5 marketplace in order to facilitate development for the future.
I have developed various small websites but also some vast projects like an online shop with a real 3D product configurator, two famous booking portals with millions of datasets, a checkout, a shopping cart, an interface connection to other providers, ePayment integration and a lot more. 

Special Offers

Save a lot of money and buy of of these two discounted license bundles if you plan to start a new website or an online shop.

Website License-Package

Online Shop License-Package

My add-ons

I have developed a lot of add-ons + themes for concrete5 in the past. Get them and save a lot of development time for your next projects.

Save space on your website with this concrete5 extension by creating an add accordion element that shrinks your content size. It is fully customizable & comes in a package with three amazing pre-installed pre-set styles.

Adblock Detector for concrete5.

Integrate your own extensions from the concrete5 marketplace into your website with this powerful add-on. The Add-on list with its simple design and easy handling offers you a broad range of functions which you will profit from!

Easily create app icons in all common sizes and include them into your site’s header with this user-friendly add-on which does all the work for you after you install it!

Powerful and extensible Shop System for concrete5.

Fully customizable bootstrap based Theme for concrete5.

This fully responsive, easy to handle, number counter animation block element for concrete5 starts counting once its section is visible.

Must-have add-on to comply with GDPR cookie guidelines. You just need to install it – that’s it! This add-on is compatible with concrete5 version 5.7 and 8+. Beginner

Block Element for displaying a glossary.

Beautify or minifies your HTML Code automatically with this add-on like magic! Your HTML code will get cleaned up.

Block Element for displaying images in a carousel.

Easily generate an imprint for your website.

Protect your site against common known cyber-attacks like SQL Injections, XSS attacks and over 70 more with the Intrusion Detection System add-on for concrete5 by only installing it!

Create interactive 360° x 180 ° equirectangular images / virtual tours by simply adding this block element to your site.

Easily design PDF docs in your dashboard and integrate them into your custom applications. The best thing about it? It’s possible by just a single code line!

Easily display your file sets from the file manager in a grid!

Visualizes data and displays a percentage value in a progress bar with this add-on that is an UI block element for concrete5.

Send push notifications through Firebase Cloud Messaging Service (FCM) to users desktop.

Easily create, add, edit, or delete .htaccess redirection rules within concrete5. Old site structures with an existing google sitemap can be imported.

Put your images in the limelight by defining mobile views for your photos. Positive side effect: faster loading times.

Promote Apps from App Store, Play Store and Windows store on your website.

Add Google Structured Data to your website and improve your SEO.

This extension allows you to rename all URLs. Thus, e.g. single pages can be renamed into any other language without violating programming guidelines. A must-have extension for any non-English sites.

My books

I have also written a german book about concrete5. Available as ePub and print version.

ePub Version

Print Version



If you are interested to get to know about the work with concrete5, need any other information or if you need a new website/ a digital resource – don’t hesitate to contact me & get in touch!